Big thicket bbq


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Big thicket bbq


2019 MUSIC

Shake a leg with a chicken leg! Smoke & Barrel is thrilled to serve up some of the region's finest musical acts for their inaugural event!

Chris Miller & Bayou Roots

Multi-Award Winning artist Chris Miller & Bayou Roots will grace our stage with their fresh takes on Cajun greats. These guys will take you on a musical journey that is as authentic as the people, places, and events that define Louisiana culture!


Find out more about Chris Miller & Bayou Roots on their website:

Eric Tessmer

Our headliner, Eric Tessmer is a monster of a guitarist/singer/songwriter who will keep you mesmerized with his epic guitar playing while you enjoy some delicious bbq and drink. Your senses will be so overwhelmed you won't even know what to do with yourself.


Find out more about Eric on his website:

Andrew Duhon

New Orleans native, Andrew Duhon, is a writer with an undeniable voice, weighted and soulful. His 2014 release, ‘The Moorings’, was nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Engineered Album'. His unique style will be sure to blow your mind, be sure you don't miss him!


Find out more about Andrew on his website:


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Calumet Farm Rack Black

Calumet Farm Single Rack

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